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Sustainability summit radiates campus climate progress百色高发泰有限公司

More than 200 attendees at Cornell’s Sustainability Leadership Summit heard how New York may be a leader in creating renewable energy and learned about the university’s own sustainability progress.

In global south, building sewers may spur health, economy 辽宁省巨华弘科技有限公司

Cities in the “global south” – densely populated urban areas that are part of low-income countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America – should phase out pit latrines, septic tanks and other on-site methods of human waste management, according to a Cornell researcher.

Community planner receives NYS Hometown Alumni Award湘乡公佳泰科技有限公司

Watertown native E. Hartley Bonisteel Schweitzer ’09 was named the latest recipient of the Cornell New York State Hometown Alumni Award for her “steadfast, proactive engagement in Jefferson County.”


Roundtables to explore 2020 Biennial theme 'Swarm'抚州源复成贸易有限公司

The Cornell Council for the Arts is holding lunchtime roundtables Nov. 18, 21 and 25, in preparation for the 2020 Cornell Biennial, on the theme "Swarm: Ecology, Digitality, Sociality."


Software helps planners design walkable cities仙桃长华进机械有限公司

Urbano, a free software recently launched by Cornell researchers, employs data and metrics to help urban planners add walkability features to their designs.

Struggle to save America’s cities is focus of University Lecture景德镇如寿正商贸有限公司

Harvard University historian Lizabeth Cohen will examine the role of government and private enterprise in renewing urban areas in a University Lecture, Nov. 14 at 4:30 p.m. in Rhodes-Rawlings Auditorium, Klarman Hall.

Symposium to mark 50th anniversary of ‘Earth Art’咸宁通皇光设备有限公司

Designers and scholars will discuss contemporary environmental concerns related to the legacy of the landmark 1969 Earth Art exhibition at Cornell at a symposium Nov. 7-8.

Cornell group takes second place in student design competition河南省茂兴升科技有限公司

The Cornell student chapter of the National Organization of Minority Architects was recently awarded second place in the annual student design competition.

Student creates Lego replica of veterinary college满洲里瑞永永有限公司

Fourth-year student Samuel Burkhardt, D.V.M. ’20, spent six months and several hundred hours perfecting the challenging build.


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